Northlands Primary School

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  • Founded Since 1850

Company Description

Northlands Primary School is situated on a leafy campus with exemplary facilities in Durban North and serves learners from three-year olds in Grade 000 in the Pre-Primary, through the Junior Primary Phase and finishing with Grade 7 in the Senior Primary section – an exciting 10-year journey of learning, playing and personal growth.


Northlands has risen to the challenge of offering a vigorous and stimulating academic programme to encourage and prepare our learners for the rigors of modern life. We are having to educate our children for jobs that may not yet exist. In this vein we have embraced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) whilst keep our ethos of holistic education for the child. Music, drama and art are emphasised with the same amount of dedication as STEM. With full scale production concerts taking place each year and a rigorous Choir programme. An active and vibrant, as well as varied sporting and cultural extra mural programme, including a very successful chess programme, Northlands caters for every type of child in the academic, sporting and cultural sphere